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Close Relationship With Business Partners and Clients 

At Greenhouse, we work closely with our business partners in supplying the best flavourings or bakery ingredients to them. By creating a closer business relationship, we are more capable at offering products that meet with their requirements.

Over the years of our company’s establishment, we have been serving a large number of companies in the food and beverage industry. Throughout our service and product deliverance, Greenhouse has gained valuable experience and knowledge in producing greater food flavours and ingredients for the usage of our customers in their food production.

Integrity of Employee
Each employee in our company plays a vital role in their area of specialization. We ensure that every employee has obtained required training and guidance for their job scope so that an overall better performance can be obtained. We value our employees as much as our customers because without their contribution and cooperation, Greenhouse will not be able to sustain our company’s growth as a trusted food flavouring manufacturer in the industry.

Excellent Product Qualities 

Good quality food flavour is able to assist to enhance greater taste of any kind of food and beverage. Due to the importance of utilizing high quality food flavours for food production, Greenhouse has make every effort to cater to our customers the highest quality food flavouring. We sort the best substances and ingredients in our food flavour preparation followed by adopting the most sophisticated machinery in our production line.

Today, Greenhouse has been exporting our food flavours to a total of 10 countries, and we believe that at times to come, our company will be expanding our business network to exporting our products to more countries worldwide.

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